Rain in Paradise

Somewhere in my constant travels I learned an important lesson: you can be at peace wherever you are, or you can be anxious wherever you are. Circumstances aren’t completely irrelevant, and a comfortable environment certainly helps. But circumstances only go so far—feeling good or bad doesn’t depend on what’s happening around you. I remember shivering…

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On the Road: Notes from LAX

I was flying to Sydney via Los Angeles and Brisbane, but at the moment it didn’t matter. What mattered was: I was heading out to see the world. I touched down in LAX via the Greyhound of the West Coast skies, otherwise known as Alaska Airlines. Heading outside, I blinked at the flashing lights of…

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Top 15 Travel Hacks (and a Free Workshop!)

Tomorrow I'll be teaHappy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada!

Tomorrow I'll be teaching a day-long workshop on Travel Hacking. You can enroll here and watch for FREE from anywhere in the world.

In preparation for teaching the course tomorrow, I thought I'd compile a few—okay, many—notes on the best current travel hacking opportunities. If you'd like to see the world, or at least travel without spending a lot of money, perhaps something in this extended post will be helpful to you. Enjoy!

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On the Road: First Week in Asia

When I awoke in Kowloon harbor at 4am, I knew it was a good sign. The previous day I had flown 13 hours from San Francisco to Hong Kong with only a brief nap on the flight. Arriving at 8pm local time, I went to my hotel, settled in, and crashed out well before midnight.…

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Lessons Learned from 11 Years of Travel

Last weekend I had the honor of speaking to 600 people at Frequent Traveler University, a conference devoted to the world of points and miles.

A longtime friend, Gary Leff, asked me to share a few lessons from the 11-year journey to every country that just wrapped up a few weeks ago in Norway. What have I learned?

Good question. I thought about it for a while and here are some of the highlights I came up with.

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Just Another Night in Abu Dhabi

I came into Abu Dhabi on the 13 hour flight from Washington, DC. It's a new service and they're advertising it everywhere around town. In the airport they have a real lounge, not just the contracted one they use in JFK. I touched down at 8pm and caught up quickly at baggage claim, sitting down and hammering out email replies and seeing what changed in the world overnight while I was eating Indian food and sleeping on my lie-flat Etihad bed.

Outside I took a car to the Aloft hotel, which I had booked for the night—or technically, the next 9 hours. In the early morning I'd be back out again, having failed at my attempt to change the ticket to allow for a day's stopover before hitting up Istanbul.

No matter. There's always time to sleep, but not always time to live.

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Korea! Wow.

Friends and readers, I hope you'll excuse a brief post today. I've been in Seoul, Korea for three jam-packed days, meeting thousands of people. Yeah, thousands ... it's been intense. So far we've done more than a dozen events and filming sessions, including one that ended yesterday at midnight.

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