Rain in Paradise

Rain in Paradise

Somewhere in my constant travels I learned an important lesson: you can be at peace wherever you are, or you can be anxious wherever you are.

Circumstances aren’t completely irrelevant, and a comfortable environment certainly helps. But circumstances only go so far—feeling good or bad doesn’t depend on what’s happening around you.

I remember shivering in a tent in Zimbabwe, feeling miserable yet still excited about the adventure. I was on my own in a strange place… and I was happy!

I also remember hanging out on beautiful islands or in nice hotels, getting upset about inconsequential things, anxious for no reason.

It really is about making a choice.

Last week I came to Australia, one of my favorite countries. All day, for two full days in beautiful Sydney, the rain poured down outside my window. I had to regroup: why had I come all this way? Well, because it’s Australia. That’s just what you do. Was I going to be happy or unhappy? It was up to me.


My updates have been shorter because so many other things are happening. A new manuscript that’s now in the final editing stage. An all-new event that we’ve been working on for months and is now almost ready for early registration. Finally, after two years, a new series of Unconventional Guides that will be rolling out.

I used to have a bad habit of announcing things before they were ready. Then I’d force myself to make sure they were ready, which was often stressful.

There’s nothing wrong with a good crunch, of course. The crunch is normal.

It’s just frustrating to be in the waiting period. You can reflect on it a few times, but after a while it gets kind of meta. You just have to deliver.

I’ve got a couple more days in paradise. Then I go home via Hong Kong, Narita, and Los Angeles. I’m working at each stop along the way and very eager to move things forward.



Image: Rosao

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