What’s Your Message? Why Not Share It?

Greetings from Burlington, Vermont. After today, I have a few days home in Portland, Oregon, then I'll set out to visit the midwest and Great Lakes region starting next week. In this (very windblown) video update, I talk about social media and why if you're trying to build a platform, you should talk about yourself more than others. Stay with me, because this idea is definitely contrarian to the conventional wisdom.

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Video Update: Strategy vs. Tactics

I recorded this short video while on vacation at the Oregon coast a couple weeks ago. It's all about strategy vs. tactics -- and why changing the world is more important than which email program you use. Every day I talk with people about building something. Building a blog, a business, an empire, whatever. I've noticed that most of the questions I hear are all about logistics and tactical decisions: which shopping cart? Should I use Wordpress? How do you host the images? And so on ...

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