How to Retire on $25,000 a Year: A Conversation with Mr. Money Mustache

Eight years ago, the man known as Mr. Money Mustache and his wife retired from traditional work—at age 30. They did this after saving money for five years and relentlessly paying off their mortgage. J.D. Roth spoke with Mr. Mustache about how they managed this non-traditional financial feat. Here’s a snippet from their conversation: “We…

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How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Here’s a good question: how much money is enough? What do we need to have in order to meet our needs and help us be happy? As I completed my Annual Review recently, I finalized a choice I had been pondering for a while. The choice was whether I should continue scrambling to earn a good living as an entrepreneur while writing on the side, or to go “all in” with the project I believed in more – writing full-time.

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