Site Update: February 2010

Greetings from home base in the great Portland, Oregon. Yesterday I ran 10 miles, a fact I was happy about until I went to a dinner party and met an ultrarunner who runs 80 miles a week. She also has two young children and a full-time job. I felt suitably shamed. Ultrarunners and any other endurance athletes out there, you have my respect ... but not my company for training runs.

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AONC Feature in Psychology Today

I was fortunate to be featured in a nice profile in this month's issue of Psychology Today. You can view the PDF of the article here, or read an online version here. My thanks to Carlin Flora and the whole Psychology Today team for putting this together. I never know what's going to happen when a magazine wants to do a feature, so I try to provide good info in the interviews (in this case, two hours' worth), and hope for the best.

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Happy Labor Day / New AONC Survey

Happy Labor Day to everyone in the U.S., and Happy Labour Day to my friends further north. Everyone else in the world, Labor/Labour Day is a U.S. and Canadian holiday when the internet slows down.

Being self-employed, most minor holidays aren't much different from other Mondays for me. The only difference is I get less email because so many other people are away.

Because much of North America is taking the day off, I decided this would be a good time for a new AONC survey.

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How to Be Unremarkably Average

Follow These Simple Tips for a Risk-Free Life: Accept what people tell you at face value. Surround yourself with people who think like you. Don’t stand out. Stay close to home. Get a normal job. Do things the way everyone else does, because there has to be a method to the madness. College Go to…

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