AONC Feature in Psychology Today

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I was fortunate to be featured in a nice profile in this month’s issue of Psychology Today.

You can view the PDF of the article here, or read an online version here.

My thanks to Carlin Flora and the whole Psychology Today team for putting this together. I never know what’s going to happen when a magazine wants to do a feature, so I try to provide good info in the interviews (in this case, two hours’ worth), and hope for the best.

I’m very happy with this one, and I was especially glad that they featured not only me but also six AONC readers. Here are the other people highlighted in the article:

  • Matthew Cook – A Canadian who spent four years in rural Pakistan with two young children.
  • Nathan Hangen – A triathelete, Afghanistan veteran, and author of a new blogging course, Nathan once sent me a scarf from Kabul. (@nhangen)
  • Crystal Williams – A snarky East Coast writer, self-described as “contentedly childless.” (@bigbrightbulb)
  • Brooke Thomas – Working from New Haven and elsewhere, Brooke is dedicated to shining a giant spotlight on the magic that the holistic health field has to offer. (@brookethomas)
  • Adam Baker – The runner-up to last summer’s Unconventional Writing Contest, Adam is now settling into life in Thailand with his wife and young daughter. (@manvsdebt)
  • Sloane Berrent -The “Causemopolitan” Sloane recently completed a three-month internship with Kiva in the Philippines. Along with many others of our community, she’s featured in the upcoming AONC book. (@sloane)


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