Welcome, Oregonian and New York Times Readers


Over the past week the AONC site has been featured in both the Oregonian and the New York Times.

The Times‘ profile focused on my journey to every country in the world and can be found here. I didn’t write that one (despite the byline), but I’m grateful for the coverage.

The coverage in the Oregonian is part of a new monthly column I’ll be writing. The column is called Unconventional Travels and will focus primarily on my world journeys.

Regular readers, the first column (web edition) is here. My apologies for all the ads and pop-ups over there — judging from what they are paying me, they are as broke as every other newspaper in America. Three cheers for them trying to embrace social media and welcome a younger writer to their team.

The column will appear roughly once a month in the paper, and I’ll also be writing one short blog post on their site each week whenever I’m traveling.

If you’re coming over from one of the newspapers, THANKS! Here’s some background on what I do:

I write at least twice a week about life, work, and travel. My goal is to help other people who want to live unconventional, remarkable lives. The site also tracks my journey to every country in the world.

If you’d like to know more or be a part of it, here are a few things you can do:

1) Join my email list for “6 Ways to Change the World.” You’ll also get updates when I post to the site every Monday and Thursday.

2) If you prefer to read by RSS, you can do that too.

3) My Brief Guide to World Domination manifesto has been read by 120,000 people so far. The new 279 Days to Overnight Success tells the case study of this site and how you can create your own unconventional career. Both of these reports are completely free.

4) I sell information products to help people break out of unconventional lives. Learn about working for yourself, traveling around the world, and more (well, more is on the way) in the AONC store.

5) You are also welcome to participate by sharing your comments about any post or article.

That’s it. Feel free to participate in one, several, or all of the above activities. Or not– the site certainly isn’t for everyone, and if you just want the travel columns, hang out at

Speaking of travel, I’m posting this live on location from Guyana, the jumping-off point for the second part of my current trip. Stay tuned for a video update tomorrow.


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