Why “Make Something You Love” Still Matters


Link: New Video with New Stories about Freedom and Value

New video alert! My friend Marie is preparing to relaunch her mega-popular B-School course. As part of the process, she’s releasing three free videos that aren’t just teasers—they all include more than 25 minutes each of non-salesy, helpful tips on running an online business.

I mentioned the first and second ones last week. The third one is now out, and you can watch all of them by joining the pre-list at the link.

In the latest video, you’ll learn:

  • The surprising answers to common concerns about starting an online business: not enough time, unfamiliar with technology, etc.
  • Why freedom and value, the essential values of entrepreneurship, matter now more than ever
  • Case studies of real people earning $30,000 a month or more (and how they do it)
  • And, as we often say, so much more. This is a good one!

It’s Not Rocket Science; It’s About Making Something You Love

In the beginning of this video, Marie mentions that “it’s not rocket science” to start a successful small business these days. But she also notes that it takes time, effort, and attention.

A few years ago, when I was writing the introduction to The $100 Startup, I was thinking along the same lines:

A few of the people in our study are natural-born renegades, determined to go it alone from young adulthood onwards. But most are ordinary people who had no intention of working on their own until later in life. Several had been laid off or fired from a previous job, and suddenly had to find a way to pay the bills or support a family. (In almost all these cases, they said something like “Losing my job was the best thing to ever happen to me. If I hadn’t been pushed, I never would have made the leap.”)

Make no mistake: the blueprint does not tell you how to do less work; it tells you how to do better work. The goal isn’t to get rich quickly, but to build something that other people will value enough to pay for. You’re not just creating a job for yourself, you’re crafting a legacy.

Toward the end of the latest video, one of the case studies asks, “Are you ready?”—and I thought this was an interesting question to ask.

Are you ready to be successful in working for yourself?

Are you ready to make a real change in your life and business?

That’s what Marie’s course is all about, and I know it’s legit. “Make money, change the world”—her tagline—is a wonderful way of life.

Oh, and I mentioned this a couple of times already, but just to be clear: this training is highly valuable and I’m happy to partner with Marie (we’ve been real-life friends for years), but you also shouldn’t feel any pressure about signing up for the full course if it’s not a good fit for you.

You can learn simply by following along with the process—and by all accounts, the process will get a lot more interesting with the actual launch next week.

Stay tuned! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

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