Urban Yoga Project Takes Flight in New York, Madrid, and Paris

I like yoga, which means I tell people I practice all the time, but in reality only go to class a couple times a month. When I saw these photos of Slovenian architect Anja Humljan, I was amazed.

Anja has taken her passion for yoga and movement into urban environments—a global experiment in how we connect with cities. Take a look for yourself.

UY_NYC_Jaka_Vinsek_07 UY_NYC_Jaka_Vinsek_02 UY_LJ_Primoz_Lukezic_01 UY_MAD_Emilio_P_Doiztua_01 UY_NYC_Jaka_Vinsek_03 UY_MAD_Emilio_P_Doiztua_07 UY_MAD_Emilio_P_Doiztua_10 UY_LJ_Primoz_Lukezic_02 UY_MAD_Emilio_P_Doiztua_12 UY_NYC_Jaka_Vinsek_01 UY_NYC_Jaka_Vinsek_06 UY_PAR_Antoine_Le_Grand_05

Anja’s Kickstarter project was successfully funded, and you can order the book (due out later this month) by writing to

Hat tip: PSFK, Photos – The Urban Project


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