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The New World of Passport Tattoo Art: Possibly Illegal, Definitely Awesome


I’m proud of my stamps and visas, and I often get a double-take from immigration officers around the world when presenting my passport—but this guy has gone much further.

French illustrator Léonard Combier sent pictures of his work to Doodlers Anonymous, where he offered anyone to send him their passport to “tattoo.”

Is this legal? Well, apparently it’s an open question, since technically the work involves “defacing” a government document, and some countries have more of a sense of humor than others. Fortunately, people report that most immigration agents have enjoyed it thus far.

Here are a few examples:

Léonard_Combier_Illustration_01 Léonard_Combier_Illustration_04 Léonard_Combier_Illustration_08 Léonard_Combier_Illustration_05 Léonard_Combier_Illustration_07 Léonard_Combier_Illustration_06


Here’s a fun time lapse video of Léonado’s doodling:


Hat Tip – PSKF, Photos – Ignant, Video – Wild Ink


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