52-Week Art Project Creates Illustrative Postcards About Life


Who doesn’t like getting hand-written postcards?

Designers Giorgia Lupi + Stefanie Posavec were living parallel lives as expats in London and Brooklyn when they decided to start a year-long postcard project.

Each week, they sent each other a postcard—but not just any postcards. As artists who work with data, each postcard illustrates a particular type of data about their lives.

After all 52 weeks, the project recently ended. You can see a few of the postcards below, or more on their site.

A Week of the Things We Buy: Front

A Week of the Things We Buy: Back

A Week of a Husband: Front

A Week of a Husband: Back

“By creating and sending the data visualizations using analogue instead of digital means, we are really just doing what artists have done for ages, which is sketch and try to capture the essence of the life happening around them. However, as we are sketching life in the modern digital age, life also includes everything that is counted, computed, and measured.

We are trying to capture the life unfolding around us, but instead we are capturing this life through sketching the hidden patterns found within our data.”

A Week of Urban Animals: Front

A Week of Urban Animals: Back

A Week of Workspaces: Front

A Week of Workspaces: Back

A Week of Schedules: Front

A Week of Schedules: Back


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