Online Business Training Returns, More Focused and Better than Ever

Link: Online Business Training

Yesterday I published a long, controversial essay that’s currently making the rounds. In the essay I basically said that it’s no longer business as usual in the world of online publishing, and that what once worked doesn’t work anymore, at least not as well.

Here’s something that’s a clear exception to that. Last year I shared Marie Forleo’s incredibly popular course with many of you. The course is now back in action, or at least it will be soon—and you can follow along with the free video series by joining the email list featured at the link above.

So, what’s up? Well, for starters–Marie is legit. She’s a good, real-life friend of mine and has been very kind to support my past two book launches. We recently recorded something for the new one, too—stay tuned! I’m proud to endorse her work whether you end up signing up for the course through my link or not.

More important, though, is that the training she offers has been improved and refined year after year. As someone who’s constantly doing new things (i.e. not necessarily maintaining and updating old things very well), the relentless focus on improving a core service is very impressive to me.


Anyway, the course has been completely revamped for 2016. If you’ve seen it before and didn’t feel like it was for you, you might want to take another look.

There will be two more videos coming out before the launch in about two weeks. I’ll be following this video series myself and occasionally writing about it. If I can help or advise you in any way in making a decision about it, let me know.

And remember: no matter what, the world is changing, so get ready to do things differently.


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