A Million-Dollar Secret and 13 Keys to Success (Yep, really.)


Link: Brand-New Video about Love and Marketing (don’t worry, it’s good)

Greetings, friends and readers!

As mentioned last week, my friend Marie Forleo is preparing to relaunch her mega-popular B-School course. As part of the process, she’s releasing three free videos that aren’t just teasers—they all include more than 25 minutes each of non-salesy, helpful tips on running an online business.

The second one is now out, and you can watch both of them by joining the pre-list at the link.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why “Marketing” is Simply About Helping People (note: I wrote a lot about this in The $100 Startup)
  • How to Win by Giving, not Getting (so true)
  • The 13 Keys to Online Business
  • Why Marie’s First ebook Was Almost a Huge Flop

If you like this one, stay tuned—there’s one more big one coming next week before her launch, and I think it’s the best of the three.

So Hey, What’s Going On?

I just want to explain a bit more about why I’ll be endorsing Marie’s upcoming launch. I almost never promote any affiliate or partner offers on the blog. I decided to make an exception for this one, because I believe it’s helpful and valuable.

However, rest assured:

a. The blog is free.

b. There’s no pressure whatsoever to sign up for something, either now or… ever.

c. You can learn a lot about online business (i.e. creating your own freedom) just by following along with the series.

Marie is smart. She’s teaching through these videos, not selling. Some people will find it valuable, and they’ll be interested enough to sign up for the course (which opens for registration next week, by the way)—but others won’t, and that’s okay.

There are a couple more weeks in the series, and both Marie and I have a few things planned. Watch the videos if you want, or ignore them if you don’t. Either way, I’ll be sharing a lot of free tips and info as we go along.

One more video arrives on Thursday!


Image: Spryos

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