Special Offer: Pre-Order The Happiness of Pursuit & Receive a Ton of FREE Stuff

**Update: This offer has now ended! Thanks for your support. You can still purchase copies from or your favorite local bookseller, and I hope to see you on the tour.**


As mentioned last week, my new book will be published on September 9—less than 21 days from today!

Short version of this post: if you’re able to pre-order the book, that will greatly help it debut well. All orders are appreciated, even single copies, but we’re offering a number of bonuses and a lot of “free stuff” in the form of gift certificates to those who pick up a bundle with multiple copies.

More news below for those who care…


On Writing a Book (Again)

I’m pretty sure I’d write books even if they weren’t successful. I like writing and sharing them with whoever cares—it’s the best work I do.

Nevertheless, writing a book is a lot of work. It takes most authors a long time—more than a year in my case, and the new book is built on more than a decade of seeing the world and talking with interesting people.

Even though I’d write for free, I do want this book to be successful. If it starts well, particularly in the first month of publication, it allows a lot of things to happen:

Week 1 sales are closely watched in the publishing industry. Anything submitted as a pre-order will be included with week 1 sales results, so you essentially get two or more weeks for the price of one (well, sort of—it’s complicated, but the short version is: week 1 matters a lot).

Foreign publishers pay attention. My two previous books have been translated in more than twenty languages. In some cases, nothing much happens with that—a foreign edition goes out with a random cover, and I never hear anything else. But in other cases, the edition goes out and we reach a whole new audience. In Japan and Korea, for example, one of my books was a big hit, creating a whole new community of people interested in living unconventionally and finding support from others.

Mainstream media suddenly cares when you’re successful. The funny thing about this is that my books have never had a ton of big media attention. The $100 Startup sold hundreds of thousands of copies despite never being featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, or similar. I know that we can do well without it, in other words, but we might as well try—so again, if we start well, it makes a difference.

All that to say: starting well matters!

The Offer

If you skipped ahead, that’s okay. I just wanted you to understand why I’m doing this (it’s always good to ask why). More importantly, here’s what we’d like to do for those who are able to order multiple copies for groups, schools, companies, or just if you have a lot of friends:

All of these gift certificates never expire. You can spend them on anything you want from the Unconventional Guides store, which serves tens of thousands of customers every year. All items are backed by an unconditional guarantee—we want to support everyone who helps us launch well!

All prices are $18 per copy, no tax and FREE shipping (yes!). These are hardcover print books that you’ll receive in the mail, just like they did it in days of old.

Questions & Attempted Answers

Do ebooks count?

Sort of. They don’t count for the pre-order bonuses, but they still count overall toward the goal of starting well. If you want to read on Kindle or iBooks, that’s cool.

Can I purchase from outside the U.S.?

You can purchase the book from outside the U.S., yes. We have a global community and I’m hoping to meet readers in many different countries as the tour unfolds. For this particular offer, though, books must be shipped to U.S. addresses.

What’s the book about?

It’s about quests and adventures, including my own journey to every country in the world, as well as many other people’s quests. I wrote about incredible stories of real-life adventure and extracted the lessons learned by dozens of people who did amazing things.

The central message of the book is: a quest can improve your life, and here’s how you do it. Read an excerpt here.

Why all the talk about the book?

Sorry. I’ve worked on this book for years and I want it to have a big impact. I’ll be doing 40 FREE events all over North America to meet with readers, and we’ll be back to regular programming on the blog soon. It’s all for a good cause. 🙂


OK, that’s it! Thank you so much for your support! If you have any questions, let us know.

See you on the road soon…

**Update: This offer has now ended! Thanks for your support. You can still purchase copies from or your favorite local bookseller, and I hope to see you on the tour.**


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