Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World: Nominations Wanted!


I tend to ask a lot of questions. Why jump off the bridge just because everyone else does? What are “the rules” and who made them?

If your life is a movie and you’re the director, why did you add this scene to it?

Today, I have a question for you that might be even easier than those: Can you introduce me to an awesome person who’s doing something really special?

Maybe this person took the long way to finding the work they were born to do. Maybe their lifestyle or philosophy inspires you. Maybe they are kicking ass and taking names in the nonprofit world, or as an entrepreneur. Maybe they just have a special, unconventional story.

Whoever they are, I want to meet them and share their story with our community. Friend, friend-of-friend, family member, or acquaintance: all relations welcome. We all know some remarkable people, and I want to feature their lessons on creating an extraordinary life. Can you help?

To nominate your awesome someone, go here.


Image: Anubhav

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