Make History by Eating Breakfast: Join Us for an All-New World Record

Link: Eat Waffles, Set a World Record (YES!)

When was the last time you broke a world record by eating breakfast?

Never, that’s when.

But fortunately for you, that’s all about to change.

This summer, whether you’re attending WDS or not, if you can make it to Portland on Friday, July 10, you can become a world record holder—and this time, the task required couldn’t be easier.

What It’s All About

600 Portlanders and travelers from around the world will come together to celebrate community, adventure, and service by gathering in Pioneer Courthouse Square to share a light, catered breakfast… in bed.


The world’s biggest breakfast in bed party will take place Friday morning, July 10th before WDS registration officially opens. All that’s missing is you (and some friends).

  • It’s a community event because it brings fun, like-minded people together who otherwise wouldn’t meet each other without a crazy goal to achieve
  • It’s an adventure because… well… when was the last time you ate breakfast in bed with 600 other people?
  • And it’s a service event because our combined efforts will help under-served communities in Portland

Too many people don’t have adequate shelter or food. And many more who have a place to live don’t have the resources to feel comfortable in their own homes.

To make a world record like this come together, you have to have a lot of beds.

As part of a strategic partnership, we’ll be donating all the beds from the event to The Community Warehouse, a fantastic local organization that helps families get back on their feet. Your participation in Worldwide Waffles, the record-setting event, will directly benefit those in need.

How To Participate (Warning: Two Important Skills Required)

There are two important qualifications you’ll need to meet in order to participate in this record-breaking event:

  • Experience sitting in a bed. You should be comfortable with all tasks required to sit and/or lay in bed. Watching TV in bed skills appreciated, but not required.
  • Proficiency in eating breakfast. You should be very experienced with all breakfast-eating technology, including how to use utensils and chew food.

We don’t believe these to be difficult barriers to entry, and we’ll attempt to make accommodations for those who need it.

By the way, if you’re just learning of this, you should know that we have a track record of producing world records. In fact, it’s becoming a habit. Two years ago, we gathered on the Willamette River to set the record for the world’s largest floating chain:

2013’s World’s Longest Floating Chain The World Float

Then, last year we gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square to set the record for the world’s longest yoga chain:

2014’s World’s Longest Yoga Chain The Great Namaste

Breaking these Guinness World Records was so much fun and made for such great memories, we couldn’t help but plan to break another record this year:

Worldwide Waffles: Make History by Eating Breakfast

What are you waiting for? We need you!

Link: Eat Waffles, Set a World Record (Join Us!)


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