Dream Trip Student Earns 21,000 Points from Taking Free Surveys


Last year I co-taught a 28-day course on how to make your dream trip a reality. Throughout the course we heard story after story of people earning hundreds of thousands of miles and points. That was great, but what’s happening now is even better: we’re hearing lots of great stories of how students are using their miles and points.

As I say often, earning miles is great, but putting them toward free travel is much better. 😃

Today I saw a great example of how someone earned a significant number of points without applying for credit cards. She also applied for credit cards to earn additional miles, but this particular example was something that anyone can do.

The headline says it all: she earned 22,000 Hilton HHonors points simply by completing online surveys.


The Hilton Hotel, Bangkok

Here’s how she explained it in a recent Facebook post, where she was also writing about a whole trip arranged through miles and points:

“We’re arriving ahead of our travel group and staying overnight at the new airport Hilton in Amsterdam for free thanks to Hilton HHonors points—21,000 of which I have earned using e-rewards surveys since August of 2015. I just took the surveys they sent me every day, and I really haven’t even tried to rockstar it. Again, this is thanks to tips from the course. Hubby and I are looking forward to our trip!”

Granted, this took some effort. Hilton HHonors points aren’t worth as much as points from Starwood. And these days, you can earn as many as 100,000 Hilton HHonors points from a single credit card signup. Still, a free night at a four-star hotel in Amsterdam is no small achievement.

You can do this too! Simply register for e-rewards surveys and start answering questions. That link is for the U.S. site, but if you’re from another country, just go back to the home page and select a different location.


Image: Ian Gratton

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