“Make Your Dream Trip a Reality”: Week 5 Recap (Upgrade Your Dream Trip)

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Every day for six weeks, we’re teaching people how to “Make Their Dream Trip a Reality.” You can watch each lesson for free on the day it’s broadcast, or you can purchase the whole course and have access anytime.

This was our fifth week (already?!) with the in-studio audience and the thousands of people who participated online.

We’ve come so far! And we’ll be back again after the weekend for our last week where we’ll bring it all together. Here are a few photos from this week:

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Goals for Week 5: “Upgrade Your Dream Trip”

For the five daily lessons this week, we focused on helping people strategically use the miles they earned. Here’s what we covered:

  • The Best Hidden Redemptions
  • The Secret World of Airline Lounges
  • Airline Status and Upgrades
  • On the Ground
  • More Ways to Use Your Points and Miles

Last week we looked at booking hotels. This week we focused on upgrading flights, hotel rooms, and excursions.

We showed viewers our favorite redemptions (the Porsche you can drive on the audobahn in Germany when flying Lufthansa First Class, the bathtub cabana in Cathay Pacific’s The Wing lounge, + many more), and explained everything you need to know about upgrades in general.

Our in-studio audience continues to be amazing and are actively answering questions in the Facebook group. Thanks, everyone!

These ten people have traveled in (from Alaska, Canada, and elsewhere) to be part of the filming experience. Each of them identified a dream destination before we began filming and we’re incorporating their goals into the lessons throughout the course.


What’s Coming Next in Week 6: “Putting it All Together” (Our last week!)

  • Track Your Miles
  • Trip Logistics: Visas, Packing & More
  • Couples and Family Travel
  • Troubleshoot Your Trip
  • Pack Your Bags!

Week 6 is all about putting everything together: tracking your miles, the most efficient way to pack, how to hack trips for the whole family, everything you need to know about visas, and troubleshooting common scenarios and potential responses. We’re going to help you tie it all together!

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How to Participate

Watch every day for free.

A new lesson kicks off every weekday at 9am Pacific time. During that time, we’ll be engaging with viewers through social media—so if you can catch it when it first goes up, that’s best. If not, though, you can watch throughout the day during numerous rebroadcasts at the same link.

Join the Facebook group.

We’ve created an online community entirely for this course. Several people from the in-studio audience are actively contributing, and all of the guests we’ll be talking to throughout the course will be popping in as well. Come say hi!

Tweet us your questions and Daily Challenge answers.

Every lesson has a challenge as well as a fun giveaway. Over the course of six weeks, we’re giving away Business Class Amenity Kits, lounge passes, signed books, other travel gear, and—every Monday—Frequent Flyer Miles. To be entered to win, all you need to is tweet us (@chrisguillebeau or @wanderingzito) with your answer using the #DreamTrip hashtag.

Important: If you haven’t seen anything yet, it’s okay—you can still join in! Every weekend, we’ll be rebroadcasting the lessons from the previous week, (or you can purchase anytime access and view the entire course now). Tune in anytime on Saturday or Sunday and you can catch up on what you missed for free.

See you next week!


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