“Level Up Your Life” with a Great New Book (Not Mine!)


Link: Level Up Your Life (Awesome New Book!)

A couple months ago, I was flying through Doha and spending the night before going on to London. I got an email from Steve Kamb just as I was settling into a light meal before bed.

I’ve known Steve for years. One time he went around the world using miles he earned after reading something from Unconventional Guides. Another time he introduced me at a book event in San Francisco. He led a very popular Academy (twice!) at WDS. And well beyond the professional stuff, we’ve been friends on a similar journey.

Anyway, there I was in Qatar, enjoying my hummus, and Steve’s note popped up. He wanted me to review his new book for a possible endorsement.

“Of course!” I said. “When’s the deadline?”

Normally there’s a period of several weeks or even months before a book blurb is due, but Steve replied right away. “Well, here’s the thing,” he said. “The deadline is tomorrow.”


Whoa. I was flying out the next morning, so this was indeed a pretty tight deadline. I asked for a digital version of the book, thinking I would skim a chapter or two, but once I started I couldn’t put it down. I transferred it to my iPad and went back to my room, where I literally stayed up until 4am reading the rest.

I’d love to say I would only do this for someone like Steve, who’s a great guy—but that’s only half true. Even for a great guy, I probably wouldn’t stay up all night just to read an early copy. 🙂 The book itself has to be unique and highly engaging, and Level Up Your Life easily met those requirements.

Therefore, my endorsement was easy to write:

“I stayed up all night in Qatar reading this! Steve Kamb is not only a real-life James Bond, he’s also written a damn good book.”

Steve is on a mission to change the fitness world, and he has a lot of great things to say to anyone who wants to “level up” their life.


Oh, and I got that early copy for free, but I have a personal rule that I always buy my own copies of books that I recommend—so I just went online to buy a few more for friends. Check it out and enjoy!


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