“Scholarships for Real Life” WDS Foundation Is Now an Official Non-Profit


In 2013 we announced that all profits from WDS will go toward our new foundation, featuring Scholarships for Real Life.

In 2014 we announced the first grantees and $60,000 of initial awards to three individuals working on sensitive, important issues: a “kids-first” ADHD movement, LGBT empowerment, and life-skills training for youth.

The process of gaining 501(c)(3) status is cumbersome and often takes more than a year. I wish it took a bit less time, but I do understand the reasoning. The IRS wants to make sure that non-profits are legit, so you have to work for it!

Anyway, I was excited to hear from our foundation’s Executive Director, Katie Hurst, that we are officially legit. All donations to the foundation are now tax-deductable, though for now we aren’t actually soliciting deductions—we’re just funding the account through any surplus WDS revenue.


The next phase of applications for this year’s awards will open next week.

I love doing fun things and I’m grateful to our wonderful community for their support and participation. Oh, that means you—thank you!


Image: A completely converted electric car from an old model Karmann Ghia, completed by students from Minddrive, a first-round WDS Foundation recipient

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