The Reviews Are In! Attendee Blog Posts and Memories from WDS 2016 (Round 1)

Every year for six years, I’ve been part of a team that produces an annual gathering in Portland, Oregon. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun. Rather than share my own recap, I usually prefer to let our attendees share their perspective. All of these posts are unfiltered and uncensored—take a look and learn more of what WDS is all about!

Attendee Reviews & Commentary

Here are a few of the many blog posts from our attendees!

Behind the Scenes with Speaker Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler, creator of the weekly video blog, “WTF Are We So Afraid Of?,” was one of our many amazing speakers this year, and true to form she documented all of her experiences at her first WDS.

To learn more about Michelle and her conquest of fear, visit her page, and watch the video below to see WDS 2016 from her unique perspective!

More Memories from #WDS2016

Thanks to our wonderful attendees, we have thousands of amazing memories captured from WDS 2016 that have been posted to Instagram, Facebook, and other networks. Here are just a few from our time together:

Photo by long-time WDSer Oliver Asis of the Perseid meteor shower, taken during an attendee meetup

Attendee Sowmya shares with the WDS 2016 FB Group – “Be kind to yourself first.”

Speaker notes from ambassador KC

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