How to Earn Up to 200,000 Frequent Flyer Miles a Year and Travel for Free Anywhere in the World


Friends and readers, my final business project of 2009 is now available for your consideration.

It’s called Frequent Flyer Master, and the goal is to democratize free travel.

I want to help thousands of people travel for free, and this guide will guarantee at least one free domestic plane ticket for everyone who picks it up.

—>Go here to learn more

Over the past year I’ve been through well over half a million miles. That’s right, 500,000 miles cycled through my long list of accounts in 2009 alone. Before that it was 200,000, then 250,000 the year before. (Check out this video for all the details if you haven’t seen it yet.)

What’s more important, though, are the free and low-cost trips those miles can be used for — and how you can do the same thing. That’s what Frequent Flyer Master is all about: taking the control away from the airlines and putting it in your hands.

What’s Included

A detailed PDF report, an audio session recorded live in the Dallas airport, an extra PDF on Surviving Travel in North America, detailed questions and answers, 17 miscellaneous tips and tricks, reader stories, and complimentary updates for at least six months.

Special Bonus: The first 150 customers will also get an additional MP3 audio session on earning elite status without spending your life on planes.

Update: Frequent Flyer Master is a big hit and this bonus is now gone. Thanks to everyone who purchased on the first morning! For everyone else, the guide is still available and ready to rock your world.

Unlike my other recent guides, there is only one price point for this one. $49 gets you the whole package and a guaranteed domestic trip worth at least $300. There is also an option to purchase an earlier guide together with Frequent Flyer Master, but that’s up to you.

—>To check it out and learn more, hop over here.

Oh, and if you’d like to tell someone about this project, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for your help!


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  • Colin Wright says:

    Oooh, that’s a hell of a price for so much value. I think I’m going to have to snag a (digital) copy.

    Really excited to find out more of the secrets behind this! I think my favorite story I’ve read of yours so far about frequent flyer miles involved transporting thousands of dollars worth of gold coins to the bank via city buses.

    I’m sure this guide will have more memorable tidbits!

  • Karen says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been waiting for this one. You’ve been doing a great job of giving your readers what they want 🙂

    Thanks very much,

  • Sean says:

    Congratulations on the new guide Chris. If it is anything like your past guides, I am sure this one is fantastic. Good luck with the launch!

  • Chris says:

    @Colin, Karen, and Sean,

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate your support.

    And Colin, my days of coin carrying by bus have been on hold recently while I finish writing my “real” book — but I’m almost done, so perhaps it’s time I place another order…

  • Oleg Mokhov says:

    Just clicked and bought the FFM + Travel Ninja bundle. Thank you for this – it’s EXACTLY what I need to take traveling to the next level.

    I have moved around a few times a year, and I always knew there was a way to not have to pay full price for each of those tickets (even if they were cheap at the $200-ish range). I knew about the coins and certain credit cards giving you 25k miles just for getting it (plus earning 1 mile = dollar), but with your guide I’m looking forward to building my mile-earning system… and getting into those lounges too 🙂

    I’m pumped to start moving around more and expanding my location-independent lifestyle.


    PS. Biz question from a fellow webtrepreneur = any reason you switched to 1SC from E-Junkie?

  • Chris says:

    PS. Biz question from a fellow webtrepreneur = any reason you switched to 1SC from E-Junkie?

    Good question – basically, I’m switching over to 1SC to prepare for the launch of a real site. Right now everything is on separate pages, and the idea is to build an integrated solution. I still like e-junkie and will continue to use them for affiliates, but 1SC has better features when selling multiple products.

  • Tyler says:

    Congrats on the launch Chris. It’s an unbeatable offer with the included guarantee.

    I’ll be lugging another trunk full of coins to the bank in the near future.

  • andy says:

    “It’s called Frequent Flyer Master, and the goal is to democratize free travel.”

    $49 is free? If you want to democratize free travel, why charge 49 dollars?

  • Chris says:


    I never said the guide was free — it’s a month’s worth of work and a lifetime of learning compiled into a single package. If you’re not interested, I certainly don’t expect you to buy it.

  • Kenn says:

    Great! I just picked up my copy. I’m long overdue to start taking advantage of frequent flyer programs. I’ve given the airlines far too much money.

  • pamela says:

    A fan, Twitter follower and now financial supporter of your work Chris. Thanks for this awesome offer! Can’t wait to read and use the valuable information for business and pleasure!

  • Shelly says:

    I’m one of your silent followers and am excited about reading the guide. It’s my first puchase but from what I’ve seen in what you put forth to the world, I know you’ll have given it your all and will be worth every penny.

  • Deja says:

    I am very curious to check this out. I’m an avid traveler and I always take advantage of frequent flyer miles. Hopefully, it will share something I don’t already know.

  • Nate says:

    Just bought the guide and have been working my way through it. It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I’m looking to create a system that will allow me to get some trips and this guide will get me well on my way. Thanks, Chris!

  • AprilInAutumn says:

    Wow! I’m so excited about this. I’ve been awaiting this since you first mentioned doing a ff guide on twitter. I just used ff miles for the first time last month and I can’t wait to learn more. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and hard work.

  • geekmom says:

    I would like to buy this, but am not sure how much of the content is geared towards US residents and therefore not applicable to me. Can you clarify what percentage of the suggestions in your guide would apply to Canadians or other non-American readers?

  • DaveG says:

    Does that guarantee apply to non-US residents? It’s pretty difficult to get FF miles here in the UK. Even the ones that are available only give 1000 or so miles these days for a new application.

  • Marc says:

    Hey Chris,

    Will you be updating the ‘I want it all’ package shortly? Or would picking that up already include the new Frequent Flyer Master product?

    By the way I have been reading your blog for a while from all the way over here in the Netherlands, and developed serious interest. So I decided to inquire into the details of this new product a few days ago, and you replied! – amazing! Just wanted to let you know that its much appreciated.

    ~ sincere greetings


  • Laura says:

    Hmmm… any chance you’ll be releasing that extra PDF on North American travel solo?

  • Michael G Cox says:

    I’ve been a silent follower for some time now and have been very impressed and well served by many of your posts. I’m looking forward to another year filled with travel in ’10 and look forward to this great product. Keep up the great work!


  • Alex says:

    While I can’t deny the appeal of more and cheaper travel to many people I do wonder about the ethical standpoint of us all continuing to aspire to jetting around our stressed world, often essentially for little point other than just the sake of it. Travel is never cheap or free; there is an environmental cost even if it isn’t reflected in the $$ hit we personally take when buying flights. In the current climate is it a good idea to be promoting the idea of travelling more just because you can?

  • Mike says:

    You should hold a contest and whoever purchases this resource and accumulates the most points (thus becoming a “frequent flyer master”) gets to join you on one of your trips, write a guest post about their trip here on your blog, has their story included in a future update, etc…

    Hope all your hard work continues to pay off!

  • Chris says:

    Hi everyone!

    What a fun, crazy day. Thanks for all your support. I’ve answered the questions from above:

    @Geekmom and @Daveg,

    Yes, the guarantee applies no matter where you are. However, it’s true that earning large amounts of miles is much easier in the U.S. Next up would be Canada, followed by the rest of the world.


    Yes, I need to update the “I Want It All Kit” to reflect the addition of the new guide. I hope to get that done by the end of the day.


    No, probably not.


    Personally I don’t think people have to choose between being pro-travel and pro-environment. I’ve written about this before over here.


    Thanks for the idea!

  • Hu says:

    Thanks for the new guide, Chris! I have been a (somewhat) silent reader here for the past 6 months or so and I have used your tips to rack up some decent miles on Continental and American and have 2 success stories to share. Three weeks ago, I flew from NY to Savannah, GA for free by using my Continental miles. Granted, I had to stop in Atlanta each way, but it still beat the $450 airfare that I otherwise would have paid.

    And just this past weekend my fiance and I booked flights to Thailand for our honeymoon in May. We’re flying from JFK to Bangkok on Air China for 65,000 miles per person round trip! This was made possible by Continental’s recent joining of the Star Allicance, which I am very excited about.

    I’m going to step it up and start lugging coins around town in pursuit of even more miles.

    Now on to purchase the guide.

    Many thanks, Chris, and keep up the great work!

  • Hu says:

    I almost forgot. I also just upgraded my American Airlines flight to St. Thomas, USVI from economy to business class by using AA miles.

    Business Class seat = $313 economy fare + 30,000 miles + $50 upgrade fee. If I had bought the business class fare, it would have been $1,307. So if I use the rule-of-thumb that 10,000 miles = approximately $100 in redemption, I paid exactly half price for this ticket.

    Sweet as.

  • Kirtana Devatha says:

    Reading it, hopefully I’ll find some strategies for India as well 🙂

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