One Lifetime, 10,000 Hats: Robyn Devine’s Ambitious Project

This is a “quest” case study, a new feature focusing on quests and adventures of all kinds. (Read others or nominate yourself.) Adventure is for everyone, and adventure looks different to each person. For Robyn Devine, she found her big adventure by making hats—and not just a few of them, but a lot of them.…

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Turning Fear Into Curiosity : On the Road with Audrey Scott and Dan Noll

This is a traveler case study. (Read others or nominate yourself.) Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll have sold everything to travel the world—twice. After five years exploring Europe and being settled in Prague, they decided to pursue a new adventure. Here’s their story: Tell us about yourselves.   We’re a husband-and-wife speaking, writing and photography…

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