WDS 2015: Initial Batch of 1,200 Photos Now Online


Hi, everyone! I’m still on blogging hiatus but am looking forward to getting back to daily writing very soon. Thanks for your understanding.

Here in Portland, WDS week has come to an end and you can view more than 1,200 photos in the official media albums.

I’ll be sharing more about WDS in the weeks to come, and I’ll be linking to posts written by our attendees. For now, here are just a few highlights.

Attendees: be sure to include #WDS2015 in your posts so we can find them, and also forward them to concierge @ We’ll feature as many posts as we can.


We had another year of amazing speakers

Our lineup even included someone very special… Kid President!

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This was our second year hosting Academies, half-day workshops that surround WDS. These micro-events are usually led by our alumni speakers and focus on a specific topic.

A Circus-Themed Opening Party

We brought back one of the most popular acts from WDS 2013, and even had a parade!

5k Fun Run

Some of our attendees started off the weekend with a 5k run along the historic waterfront area of Portland.

We Broke Another World Record

This year we broke several world records, but our biggest was for the most people eating breakfast in bed together. We shattered the old record of 388 with more than 500 friends in pajamas. (And of course, there was a pajama contest.)

Lots of Attendee Meetups

Hundreds of attendee-organized meetups this year spanned a range of different topics. In fact, some of them are still taking place even as WDS has officially ended.

Portland Experience

We know that for many of our attendees traveling to Portland for WDS, a week isn’t much time. Our new mini-festival tries to bring “all things Portland” to them in one afternoon.

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Closing Party

Every year we love to throw a big party. This year we had fun with a photo booth projected on the side of a building, DJ Prashant leading Bollywood dancing, and LED-lit beach balls thrown through the crowd.

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I’m very tired but extremely grateful for the opportunity to host WDS each year. Thanks so much to everyone who worked on the event and all who attended. More to come!


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