Man Takes More than 1,000 flights Without Leaving the Airport


For more than twenty years, he flew to a different European city — every Wednesday. He never missed a week. Mr Mul (born in 1932) made more than 1,000 flights over a period of 20 years.

Travel is what you make it. In the early days of my travel quest to visit every country, I would get defensive when people asked why I only stayed in most countries for a relatively brief period of time. Unlike this guy, I left the airport and usually spent several days in a place—but still, I totally get why someone would love flying for the sake of flying.

It was all about an experience, about losing himself in the window seat and venturing to a different place. No matter that the place was “air world.” Some of us like air world just fine.

For every person who does something like this, I bet there are many more who have a similar idea but never follow through. Maybe they decide that it’s silly, or maybe they try it a couple of times before stopping.

But this story shows that you don’t have to stop. If you find something that brings you joy, embrace it and call it your own.


Hat Tip: KLM
Image: Maarten Van Haaff

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