We Bought a Zoo

We didn’t buy it, but we did in fact rent it out.

Today I was working on my quarterly taxes and smiled when I saw the charge for the Oregon Zoo from last year. Aside from my house, the zoo was the largest thing I’ve ever paid for—and the largest credit card charge by far.

Renting a zoo is definitely not cheap. But it was a lot of fun and a great place to begin last year’s WDS. I’m so glad we did it.

Zoo-1 Zoo-2 Zoo-3 Zoo-4 9219183087_ec7875b7d8_z 9219168515_25e2c7fe5d_z 9221986634_73f46fdd2a_z

More photos here (scroll down).

Speaking of, are you coming this year? Tickets to the main event are sold out, but there are still opportunities to participate:

  • Join us to set a world record! Make history with a few easy yoga poses (we’ll show you how, and even give you a special mat). More than 700 people will converge on Pioneer Courthouse Square just as we kick things off for the weekend.
  • Join us for one or more of eight “academies,” which take place on the days surrounding WDS weekend. Sign up, come to Portland, and join the adventure!


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