Welcome, New Readers! What The Art of Non-Conformity Is All About


I’ve had a lot of new people join my blog recently, mostly from all the media coverage about my new book. Welcome!

If you’re just joining, here’s a quick explanation of what all of this is about. I started this blog wayyyyy back in 2008. My mission is to help people live unconventional lives, especially through self-employment and travel, but also the general theme of non-conformity.

At the time I started, I was pursuing a big quest to visit every country in the world by my 35th birthday. I achieved that goal and wrote a book about it called The Happiness of Pursuit. I also wrote a book called The $100 Startup, and my newest book is SIDE HUSTLE.

But enough about me. What can you find here on the site? A lot of things, but let’s focus on three areas:

1. Side Hustle School

My latest project is a daily podcast (7x/week, no breaks) and a new book that provides a plan for you to go from Idea to Income in 27 Days. In other words, it will help you create a new source of income without quitting your job.

I started this project to help everyone who doesn’t necessarily want to “become an entrepreneur,” but does understand how important it is to have more than one source of income. It’s for busy people who believe in investing in themselves to have more security, confidence, and freedom.


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I’m currently on a 100-city tour to speak to readers about the book. Come say hi! And if you don’t see your city listed, let me know if you’d like me to come.

2. Travel Hacking

I was able to visit every country in the world largely because of travel hacking: the art of using Frequent Flyer miles and other strategies to a) save money, and b) have incredible experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible.

This page provides a good overview of the details:


If you’re just starting to learn about these things:

My #1 recommendation is to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. If you do nothing else, this card will get you $625 in free travel right after meeting your minimum spend. It’s a great value, and the same card I used myself every day for five years.

3. WDS

Eight years ago, a small team and I had a crazy idea: invite 480 awesome people (like you!) to join us in Portland, Oregon for a weekend adventure called World Domination Summit.

WDS has grown since then, but the original values of Community, Adventure, and Service remain. Every summer, more than 1,500 people from 25+ countries travel to Portland. In addition to keynote talks in a theater, attendees host hundreds of meetups, workshops, and activities.


Tickets go on sale twice a year. If you’ve never been to WDS, I’d love for you to come—it will change your life.


The central message of my work is that you don’t have to live your life the way others expect. You can do good things for yourself and for others. You can pursue a dream of your own, no matter how crazy it may seem.

Also, you’re not alone out there. People all over the world are doing this in their own way. The revolution continues!


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