The Confirm Button Never Disappoints


File under: awesome travel advice.

On any given week I spend at least several hours in making travel plans. I constantly go back and forth over the various options, sometimes becoming plagued by indecision.

I talked about this recently with my friend and fellow wanderer Stephanie Zito, when we were riding around in a taxi and discussing a few upcoming trips. She has the same problem I do… but she also has a solution:

“I waste a lot of time on minor decisions,” she said, “because I want the best thing. But the truth is that there isn’t always a best thing—or perhaps there are several best things. At the end of the day it probably doesn’t matter which hotel I stay at or how I arrive from the airport.

When you make a decision, you can move on with the rest of the planning. But until you make the decision, you can’t move on.”

There are a million different combinations and options on how to plan a particular trip. Sometimes the best advice is: just pick one.

You know how there’s that final confirmation button after making an initial selection online? It feels really good to get past that. The “confirm” button never disappoints.


Image: WLodi

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