On the Road Again: Next Stop, Ouagadougou

Of all the 192 countries in the world, Burkina Faso gets my vote for "most awesome capital city name."

If you're ever on Jeopardy! or otherwise need to know, the answer is "What is Ouagadougou?" Hopefully you won't have to spell it for the final round.

Tomorrow I'm headed out on the early-early flight to Denver, over to Frankfurt in the afternoon (just a short transit in both cities), and finally down to West Africa via Morocco over the weekend.

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High Points, Low Points, and the Perfect Trip

Greetings from the open road. I'm in what I call real Africa all week, having fun exploring two new countries.

Condé Nast Traveler publishes a feature called “The Perfect Trip Every Time.” It's a good headline, but I wonder about the subtext: is it really possible to have a perfect trip where nothing goes wrong? I take at least twelve overseas trips a year, and none of them are ever perfect ...

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