Self-Employment and Security (Once Again)

Let's do this one more time, because it's important. Micro-entrepreneurship is changing the world. The best opportunities in the new economy are centered on creating your own assets. It doesn't matter who wins the U.S. election this fall, at least not in terms of how the economy affects you. No matter what happens, the unemployment rolls will continue to be full. Perhaps even worse, many people will remain underemployed by working at jobs that offer few benefits and little opportunities for advancement.

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The Reward for Conformity

"The reward for conformity," Rita Mae Brown said, "is that everyone likes you but yourself."

Thankfully, it's not always quite that bad.

Things are super busy here at World Domination HQ. I'm getting ready to roll out a book tour schedule, a book trailer, a giveaway for 100 free books, and several other fun things ...

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“Do You Travel for Work?”

Coming back on my final flight from the South Pacific last night, I sat next to a business traveler. In between Blackberrying and reading legal files, she gave me her brief attention.

She asked: "Do you travel for work?"

I said: "Not really. I travel for life."

"That's interesting," she said as she returned to her files.

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