Self-Employment and Security (Once Again)


Let’s do this one more time, because it’s important.

Micro-entrepreneurship is changing the world. The best opportunities in the new economy are centered on creating your own assets.

It doesn’t matter who wins the U.S. election this fall, at least not in terms of how the economy affects you. No matter what happens, the unemployment rolls will continue to be full. Perhaps even worse, many people will remain underemployed by working at jobs that offer few benefits and little opportunities for advancement.

Speaking of opportunities, however, there are now more than ever before. It’s never been easier to take matters into your own hands. All over the world, people are thinking differently about risk and security, and many of them are taking action on their new perspectives. This is a good thing.

What is risky? Whether you work a “real job” or strike out on your own, relying on someone else is risky.

What is secure? Creating your own freedom through side projects, independent work, instant consultancies, and creative self-employment of all kinds.

What is freedom? The ability to make your own choices.

Ultimately, freedom relates to value, which is taking responsibility for yourself by making something valuable for someone else.

This week my freedom brings me to the Seychelles, country #188 (only five to go!). Whether you care about travel or not, wouldn’t you like the choice to construct your days as you see fit?

That’s what it’s all about.

It’s good to be reminded once in a while.

Oh, and one more note, courtesy of Kanye West:

“Everyone’s always telling you to be humble. When was the last time someone told you to be great?”

Go be great today!


Image: Bohman

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