How to Travel to Random Places and Work on a Project

Greetings from the sky, on board Cathay Pacific’s longest flight. There are 16 hours scheduled for my “air world” time today, although it looks like we may arrive one hour early.

I love flights like these. I’ve already taken a three-hour nap (hey, I was tired) and am now up to work for several hours while I drink espresso and Perrier. It’s dark outside now, but eventually the sun will come up in-flight. A few more hours later I’ll land in Hong Kong, a full 12-hour time difference from where I left. Travel is life.

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Fun Project: The 2016-2017 “Get to Work Book” Is Now Out!

IMG_8127_copy Link: The Get to Work Book

Here's a fun project that a wish I’d made it myself. But even though I didn’t, some very good friends of mine did. It's like a journal or a planner, but better—and here's how the creator describes it:

GET TO WORK BOOK® is a daily planner + goal setting workbook designed to help you make progress on your big goals by taking things one day at a time. While (sadly) it can't do your work for you, every inch of it was thoughtfully designed to help you get to work.

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This Brand-New “Habit Journal” Helps You Keep Track of What’s Most Important to You

We've all heard it takes our brains 21 days to form a new habit. This new journal, currently being crowd-funded, does exactly that—keeps you on track while you form new daily habits, with these habits eventually leading you to conquer big goals. Here's how it works:

  • Choose a goal
  • Write down the daily habits that you think will help you achieve that goal
  • Plug those habits into your daily tracker pages
  • At the end of each day, take 5 minutes to reflect on how you did
  • Review at the end of each week, then repeat until the month ends
Seems pretty simple. But like a lot of simple systems, it may have the power to create real change. Check out the video:

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Giveaway: Baron Fig Travel Journal

Every Friday is giveaway day. Comment to win! “Making things we love to use” was the driving force for the three friends who created the Confidant Journal. The company name, Baron Fig, represents the combination of discipline and impulse it takes to create, and these guys know how to create a great notebook! They also…

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