The Answer in Your Inbox

AnswerInbox When you’re not sure what your “thing” is—when you don’t know quite where to look to find that job or career that brings you joy, flow, and a good income—the people you talk to every day can help you find it.

The answer may come from your inbox, whether that inbox consists of the actual emails you receive with the same questions over and over, your social media feeds, or just the conversations you have with your friends.

In other words, the people in your network may actually have a better sense of what your most marketable skills are than you do.

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The Feeling of Being Unsettled Won’t Just Go Away

From my inbox: “I have a sneaking suspicion this feeling of being unsettled won’t go away until I control my freedom.” A common theme in the emails I receive is one of readers feeling unsettled. People are frustrated with one or more parts of their current life, yet they sense that change is possible—somehow, somewhere—if…

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