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EBK Day 4, Part II: Live from Amtrak’s “Bloggers’ Lounge”

A few notes on our very busy day here:

1. If you’re traveling on Amtrak at some point, I recommend the blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

2. Thanks for all the birthday congratulations. You guys are great.

3. A reader told me about the Bottomless Cup coffee shop in Havre, Montana. We have 25 minutes in Havre this afternoon and I’m going to try to make a mad latte dash. If I don’t make it back in time, J.D.’s in charge!

4. Oh, and the Empire Building Kit has been flying off the shelves! Holy cow.

–>If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the magic internet teleporter.


As of right now, I’ll continue selling the EBK for 14 more hours, until just before our mid-morning arrival at Portland’s Union Station on Thursday. Keep in mind that our internet access is quite limited here, so if it looks like I’ll have problems, I’ll end it sooner.

(And if you wrote me this morning, I probably haven’t written back with the usual lightning speed yet. Forgive me while I get this update done first.)

Questions & Answers

Q. I placed an order! What’s next?

A: Thank you! Next: make sure you visit the resources page and join the EBK mailing list. In this case, the EBK list is extremely important because we’ll be sending you 365 mini-lessons over the next year.

You’re supposed to be directed to both of those places (resources page + mailing list signup) right after purchase, but if something goes wrong, let us know and we’ll get you there manually.

Q: Is the webinar only for the higher-priced EBK versions?

A: No, the webinar is for everyone who purchases during this initial launch. No question left behind! (Thank you, Kelly.)

Q: Can I buy the Emperor-in-Training version and upgrade to Hail Caesar or Alexander the Great later?

A: Yes. We can do that for you.

Q: Will this help me become the next Bill Gates, etc.?

A: Probably not. The EBK contains everything I know about running a successful lifestyle business ($50k-150k a year with no employees), in addition to a ton of lessons from many other entrepreneurs. It is designed to be highly-actionable and very comprehensive.


Empire Building is a serious undertaking. I am not interested in finding the easy way out, hiring someone in India to run my operation, or whatever.

I’m interested in working hard to create a meaningful business built on happiness (for customers) and freedom (for me). Relationship is a central component in this process. If that sounds like something you’re into, you might to consider picking up your own EBK. If not, any indecisiveness can now be easily cured: don’t buy it.


Alright – back to the rails. J.D. has been explaining how professional blogging works to some folks in the next car—I said I’ll let him handle that. I have, however, rechristened the Amtrak Sightseer Lounge as the “Bloggers’ Lounge,” where we’ve set up shop with a plethora of Apple gear, cameras, internet cards, and so on.


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