Working for Yourself: Case Studies Needed


Friends and readers, I’m still going through all the notes you wrote in the recent product development survey.

First of all, GREAT feedback. I’m amazed as usual. I know you’re probably getting tired of hearing this, but I really appreciate the fact that so many of you are enjoying the site.

To be perfectly honest, I hope I never get used to it, because I don’t want to take your time or opinions for granted. I closed the survey at about 300 responses just because I had so much data to look through and I don’t want to miss anyone. I do read every single word you have to say, and we’ll do another survey later on.

So… what did I learn? A lot of things.

Your favorite articles are entries like How to Be Awesome, Creating a Legacy Project, and How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review. Overall, you want to know most about world domination and other topics related to creating independence and helping others.

Some of you love travel, and others couldn’t care less. What can I say? We are a diverse group. The theme I noticed through 300 responses was that freedom and independence are desperate needs. I agree.

The other interesting thing I noticed was that my anti-marketing policy may have become too effective, because a number of people who have been reading for a while were not aware that I have a small online store.

Someone said, “You sell things? Why did I not know this?” and someone else said, “I never clicked the Store link because I thought it was t-shirts and coffee mugs.”

Yes, there’s a store.

No, I don’t have t-shirts or coffee cups – although that would certainly be fun. Instead, I have information products to help you take over the world. To summarize, I’m slowly building out a complete series of guides and multimedia products to help people live life on their own terms.

Again, the marketing approach is very limited (it’s a strict no-hard-sell policy), but I do want to help more people with my work. Oh, and I also do this full-time now – so you can expect to see some “New and Improved” products very soon. First, though – I’m looking for a few case studies.

Creating Freedom through a Very Small Business

My second product, the Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself, is the best-seller here by far. I promote it very little, but a lot of people buy it. I hear from readers every day who tell me it’s helped them get started with a very small business or improve their existing business.

ACTION: If you own the Working for Yourself guide, you’ve probably already taken the survey (I always survey my customers to learn how to improve), but I’d like to know more details about how the product has helped you. Please do me a favor and let me know – the more specific, the better.

I’ve heard a ton of cool anecdotes, but I want to get a bit more in-depth with this. Some of the case studies will be featured here on the site or in an upcoming product, so be sure to let me know your web site address and if it’s OK for me to mention it.

(I’ll also send a separate email to all of you who are on the Working for Yourself owners’ list. Let me know if you don’t receive it within 24 hours.)

New Feature! (“Sunday Store Update”)

Because I don’t want to do the hard-sell but I do want people to know what’s happening, every Sunday afternoon I’ll post a short update (like this one) letting you know what’s happening in my new small business. I’ll include sample content, reviews from customers, case studies, or something similar. We’ll keep it light, fun, and hopefully helpful.

Of course, the Sunday Store Update won’t interfere with our regularly scheduled programming, and if you’re not interested, there will be a new article the next morning as usual.

Good things are on the way! Thanks for reading.


Working for Yourself Image by Rae

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