Sometimes Life Sucks, So You Might As Well Do Something About It


I’ve always liked Trent Hamm‘s tagline: “All I care about is making your life not suck.” This is what good bloggers, and good people of all kinds, do well. If you’re trying to figure out the next step for your blog… or your life… think about how you can make other people’s lives not suck.

Taking action on it will probably make you happier, too.

A couple people have suggested that the phrasing of Trent’s motto is poor. Can’t you make it more positive? they ask.

Well, feel free to change it for your own use if you’d like. But the reality is that some people’s lives DO suck. Not everything can or should be made upbeat.

Think about it this way: Can’t you remember a time when life was hard for you? Unless you’ve been extraordinarily fortunate, I bet there was at least one time when life sucked.

During that time, did anyone ever help you?

That’s what it’s all about.

So yes, focus on making life better for others. If you find yourself staring at a to-do list and aren’t sure what to tackle next, ask yourself: “What action will help someone?” Make this your mission, your job description, perhaps even your reason for existing.


Image: Nathan

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