The Unconventional Guide to Art and Money


My new product, the Unconventional Guide to Art and Money, attempts to break down the difference between successful and unsuccessful art marketing.

It’s for artists of all kinds who want to support themselves with their art through new media.

It’s not for non-artists (obviously), anyone who doesn’t know how to use the internet, or anyone looking for the quick fix.

(For the secret connection between art and money, see yesterday’s post.)

Click here to order, watch an 8-minute video, or read more….


Original Artwork by Soniei

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  • sebastian says:

    Was so looking forward to this guide, which is hopefully exactly what my girlfriend and I need. Thanks already 🙂
    Can’t wait to read it now.

  • Tulasi-priya says:

    Chris, the launch site looks fabulous. I just followed Zoë on Twitter (and am about to tweet your launch). Are you accepting up affiliates for this product? I’m just about to get my own blog started. What are your requirements?

  • Sean says:


    Congratulations on the release of another Unconventional Product. While I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, I do know that I have received tremendous value from both Break out of the 9-5 and the 279 days manifesto, so I would expect this to be no less awesome! Do you have any ideas as to what the next Unconventional Guide will be about?


  • Chris says:

    Thanks guys, you are very kind and I hope you love it.


    Yep, I have a limited affiliate program and will post details soon – perhaps with the Sunday Store Update.


    Great! Yes, I have a few ideas. 🙂 Another colleague is working on a guide for freelancers at the moment – that will probably be the next one.

  • Liz says:


    I’ve been looking forward to this guide since you began talking about it. You’ve tapped an incredible roster of artists for their insights, so I have no doubt that it will rock. And I’ll second Tulasi’s observation that the launch site is fab. Thanks for all you do.

  • Josh Wilson says:

    Dude, Chris,

    You just keep pumping out the goods. Thoroughly impressed. I’m planning on picking this up once I get another project launched.

    You’re a huge asset to the online universe. Thank you.


  • David Turnbull says:

    Loving how you’ve taken the traditional look of a sales letter but designed it in a way that isn’t incredibly cheesy. Its maintained its simplicity and elegance.

  • Fly Brother says:

    You will indeed get my $58 (just as soon as I get paid)!

  • Bijtgraag says:

    Hey Chris, loving your work.

    Just a quick heads up; the link above (‘yesterdays post’) is broken.

    Everyone keep up the good work!

  • ieishah says:

    you could do an entire follow up for travel and dance careers. dance is the art most conducive to travel because spoken language skills are not required. i know so many great people here in barcelona and everywhere else, traveling the world teaching their particular type of dance, and being paid if not handsomely, adequately. actually, that’s where you’d come in: turn your expertise toward making those ‘adequately’s’ ‘handsomely’s’. how cool would that be?

  • Chris says:

    Thanks again, guys. The launch is going very well – I’ll post an update on Sunday.

    @Bijtgraag, thanks for letting me know – it’s fixed now.

  • Ra says:

    This is fantastic. I have quite a few readers who sell their art and I’ll be linking to this in my Crafty News Roundup.

  • Soniei says:

    It’s great that you guys worked on a guide that a lot of artists need in order to start their art careers. I definitely could have used The Unconventional Guide to Art and Money when I started out. Even though I’ve been a full-time artist since 2006, I still found A LOT of useful tips and tricks in this guide (and audio interviews).

    Thanks a million? for giving such valuable information! =D

  • Alec says:

    Wish this was around when I was in art school.
    It’s a collective problem. We are all to blame for our lack of success, let’s change that.
    An analogy I used to pose to my fellow artists/designers: Do we work less hard than the average lawyer? Are we less valuable on the planet (a subjective question, true)? Then why don’t we all unify and ask for what we feel we deserve like our esquire brothers and sisters?
    thanks Chriss

  • Mary Stebbins Taitt says:

    I’ve just discovered your website for the first time today and have been hopping from link to link enjoying your various posts. As an artist and a writer who so far has not been successful selling my work (except on a very small scale), I find this intriguing. As an unemployed person, I have to think hard, though, about every penny I spend. While being rich is NOT a goal for me, I’d like some validation for my work and money to live on and pay for my supplies.

    I’ve been unconventional all my life and happily have raised some unconventional children. YAY! (I am called eccentric by some and weird by others. Others call me intellectual and artistic. I say I am having a rich, full life that does not include television, spectator sports, and mob mentality.)

    Thanks for an interesting read so far.

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