The Surprising New Trend of Active, Nomadic Retirement

David and Bonnie

David Law and his wife, Bonnie Carleton. Instead of settling down for retirement, they hit the road.

The nomadic way of life is not just for the young. Or to be precise, it’s for the young of all ages.

For years I’ve been meeting retired folks who are embracing a more active lifestyle than their parents’ generation may have done. I also often receive emails from people in this demographic, along with the question, “Am we the only ones?”

Good news: they’re not the only ones!

I’m always glad to see press coverage of this new lifestyle choice. More examples of people choosing their own path and following a dream can only help others who are pondering something similar.

Here’s a selection from a recent NYT article:

Stacy Monday, 50, a former paralegal and mediator who lived in Knoxville, Tenn., wrote: “I used to dream about all the places I would go as soon as I was old enough to get away. But then … life happened.”

On May 1, 2010 — like many itinerant baby boomers Ms. Monday can quickly recall the date her journey started — she embarked on her dream trip. She “crisscrossed the U.S. three times” and visited Mexico, Ireland, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain and many other countries.

The article goes on to explain that not everyone understands the passion of people like Stacy. But when you make an active, unconventional choice, that’s often how it goes for everyone, regardless of age.

Three cheers for the nomadic retirees!

Link + Image: Retirees Dump Their Possessions and Head for the Road


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