The Magic Happens Backstage


Ten days ago we produced Pioneer Nation, our new event for independent entrepreneurs.

I was worn out afterwards, as is usually the case after such an endeavor, and headed to Southeast Asia for a few days of alone time.

As I said in the short recap, it was a fantastic experience. I was tremendously proud of our team.

In fact, that was my overriding thought as I boarded the Cathay flight to Hong Kong and beyond: Look at all these great people! They give so much.

The backstage work supports the front-and-center work. Anyone who works backstage will tell you that much. They’re not there to be seen; they want to make other people look good.

If you want this…


You have to have this…


But I don’t think that’s the whole story.

I think the real magic lies in putting it together.

Walking into the briefing room for our volunteers, talking with the crew running the stage lights, supervising the branding to make sure everything was consistent—that’s when I felt most at home.

The rehearsal is the best part. The real magic happens backstage.


*Thanks again to everyone involved in the first Pioneer Nation. If you’d like to come to the next one, join the waiting list for announcements on ticket sales.

Image: Armosa Studios

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