Three Days of Learning & Community: Last Weekend at Pioneer Nation


We did it!

Last weekend I worked with a small and dedicated team to produce our second-ever Pioneer Nation, a gathering of independent entrepreneurs.

For the first time in any big event we’ve done, we took everyone onsite for the entire experience. The event was held at The Resort at the Mountain, a scenic setting near Mount Hood, an hour’s drive from Portland.

Events are a ton of work, but they can also be hugely rewarding. Once again I felt honored and inspired to be surrounded by great people.

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You can see 600+ other photos here.

We’re not yet sure when the next Pioneer Nation will be, but WDS will return in August 2016. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing speaker videos from WDS 2015.

I’ll also let you know when tickets will be available and how you can sign up.


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