Update from Manila about Everything

Greetings, friends and readers. A few days ago I went to SFO, then I went to HKG, and then at 11pm local time (after 20 hours of travel), I made it in to MNL — also known as Manila, the Philippines. From here I'm jumping off to Papua New Guinea, but hold on a minute. The last time I was in the Philippines, I was about eight years old. I lived here from 1984-1986 as part of my first big jump in cross-cultural life. I have vague memories of riding jeepneys, eating chicken and rice every night, and occasionally starting small fires in small trees. Twenty-something years later, and here I am again. I don't eat chicken or light trees on fire these days, but I'm still happy to ride around in jeepneys. Fun times! Even when I'm jet-lagged.

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