Risk Something to Gain Something

Risk Something


“If you only do things where you know the answer in advance, your company goes away.” -Jeff Bezos

I don’t run an operation the size of, and you probably don’t either. But all of us have responsibilities. We have commitments, goals, hopes, and dreams.

We’re also faced with decisions every day.

How do you make choices? When you’re faced with new opportunities, how do you decide which to pursue and which to decline?

I believe one criteria is… does it excite you? Does it scare you a little? If so, maybe you should do it. Maybe you should stop putting it off.


Lately I’ve been struggling a bit in my work. So many big plans! So many delays. Such big vision! Such poor execution.

I know if I only do things where I know the answer in advance, I’ll fail to grow.

Maybe it isn’t terrible if you fail to grow. You won’t die. But you certainly won’t improve.

Sometimes it comes down to this question of risk: will I take it? Will I choose to grow?

I think so. I believe I’ll take the risk. But the proof is in the decision, and anyone who cares will be able to see for themselves.

Will you take the risk too? I hope so.


P.S. You’re going into the weekend. Gonna kick back and take it easy? Nope. Don’t do that. Do something great this weekend. Why not?

Image: Truthout

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