Pioneer Nation: We Did It!

One week ago we kicked off our inaugural event for solopreneurs, Pioneer Nation. Here’s a very short recap of how it went.

You can see hundreds of other photos on my Flickr stream, and also check out a number of blog posts written by attendees (linked at the bottom of this post).

We did it! It was a grand success, in large part because of the team who put it together and the attendees who traveled far and wide to come.

We spent months planning everything about this event: designing mugs, planning workshops, recruiting speakers that we knew could bring it. And inviting you.

As people arrived to pick up their badge…

Speakers began mingling…


Old friends reconnected and posed for the camera…


…and the room started filling up, we all breathed a big sigh of relief.

We were excited—we just might pull this off!


Speakers answered questions after each session, and some of the best moments of the event happened during these “campfire chats.”


Dozens of people, many who weren’t usually seen by attendees, helped us create this event. In this photo, Isaac, Steve and Brian work backstage to make the presenters look good.


Workshops were a key part of our planning—more than 30 presenters taught us how to build an audience, strategize customer service, or get ready for retail.

We focused on the themes of Make it, Market it, or Maintain it, and attendees chose what they needed most for their business.


Our mainstage speakers rocked it—we laughed and learned so much!


As tradition dictates, we ended with a big dance party. We’re still humming the tune to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.”


We’re not the only ones recapping the event—attendees and speakers have their own thoughts to share, too. Here’s a selection from the initial batch:

Tara discovered new possibilities as she listened to Rena, Lori and Laura.

Nicole didn’t get dysentery, but she did have a bad cold. We’re hoping she feels better for next year!

Pooja shared her nine biggest lessons from the event.

What If Concepts offered a play-by-play for both days!

Saul of Hearts has seven big lessons.

Joshua has been running a business for ten years, and took the time at Pioneer Nation to reflect.

Jayde says, “Most importantly, I learned a lot about how to ask for what I want, how to express myself, and the value of an amazing network.”

Breanne, our workshop consultant extraordinaire, says, “The hallmark of a great learning experience is that it actually causes a change in the learner.”


Pioneer Nation is now over, but there’s a waiting list for the next one. Thanks again to everyone who made this happen!


Images: Armosa Studios

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