Teaching by Example: A Father’s Take on Adventure and Giving Back

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Michael McManus tries to live his life as an example for his daughters. He chooses to fill it with family, adventure, creativity, and giving back.

Here’s his story:

I am first and foremost a husband and father. I’m also a photographer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist that has started M2 Photography, Gethrr and Poser Photobooth Co. I love creating portraits where my subjects interact with the chalk drawings. When I’m not photographing weddings, rocking the photo booth, or helping others, I’m with my family.

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We believe in intentional living and spending our time purposefully. Whether we’re playing tag in our backyard or hiking in Norway, all that matters is that we’re together. We constantly talk to our children about fear—about not being afraid to try new things, seeing failure as a stepping stone to success, and living life beyond our limits.

Life is an adventure and should be lived like one.

We were recently in Thailand together as a family. We visited many temples, met monks, and spent time together in silence. About a week or so into our trip we were at yet another temple and I noticed my daughters holding their hands together in prayer—a sign of respect in Buddhism. There they were just walking around, absorbing everything while holding their hands together.

It was a small, yet powerful, moment that validated what we’re doing by showing our children as much of our world as we can.

Thailand 04

We believe in teaching through actions not just words.

That philosophy led us to start a nonprofit and has sharpened my focus on turning Gethrr (as in together) into a huge, change-making community of people who are dedicated to serving the needs of others through a monthly membership program. We designed Gethrr to address a few concerns we had when it comes to nonprofits and philanthropy:

1. Anyone can make a difference. Most of our members give just $1/month, which still allows us to help others. Our model is proving that even by donating $1/month, you can make a difference.

2. See the difference you make. Each month we do projects to help people in need and then share each story on our blog, so you know exactly what you’re funding.

3. Have a say. We rely on our members to find potential projects, so they know what they’re funding. We decide whether or not to do the project based on how confident we are that we can make a tangible difference.

Starting this nonprofit, as well as multiple businesses has pushed me beyond my perceived limits and impacted not only our lives but others. It’s something I’m passionate about because so few people take that leap of faith and try to start that company or project. Or travel. Or whatever it is.

And those who do?

Thailand 03

They’re the only ones we read about. The ones that change the world.

The ones that live a story worth telling.

Learn more about Michael and Gethrr, and follow him on Instagram.


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