How to Plan an Annual Review (+ New Course from Michael Hyatt)


Toward the end of next week I’ll head out to conduct my Annual Review, an extended exercise to reflect on the year that’s coming to an end and prepare for the next one.

This has been quite the year with a lot of ups and downs, so I’m not entirely sure how I’ll process everything—but I promise to take you along for the journey.

What Comes First

We’ll start by looking at the answers to two simple questions:

1. “What went well this year?”

2. “What did not go well this year?”

I’ll share my answers for anyone who cares, and comments will be on every post (starting with a detailed introduction post next week) so that any of you can share as well.

And Then, Some Goals

We’ll then proceed to the most intensive part of the process: planning goals for next year! This is the fun part. Every year I set a number of goals based on a series of personal and career categories. I usually end up with 3-5 goals per category, for a total of around 30 goals in general.

Each of these goals are intended to be challenging yet meaningful. If you’d like to join in, you can do so in your own way or just use the template and model however it best serves your needs. Stay tuned—this will be fun.

Also! A New Course (with Free Videos) from Michael Hyatt


Link: “Best Year Ever” Free Video Series

Michael Hyatt, who wrote the bestselling book Platform and spoke at WDS 2014 (among many other things), is reintroducing a popular course that he first debuted last year. It’s called Best Year Ever and it’s another method of thinking intentionally about your goals.

This is a product launch (it’s a course that will be for sale), but even if you don’t plan to purchase you can learn a lot just by watching the free videos and following along.

I’ll share more of them as they come out over the next couple of weeks, right along the same time as the Annual Review.


Image: DvortyGirl

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