Giveaway: Cathay Pacific First Class Amenity Kit

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If I had to pick one favorite airline, it’s a no-brainer: Cathay Pacific all the way! I’ve been fortunate to fly Cathay on at least a hundred flights over the years. I’ve flown most often in Business Class, which is really nice, and sometimes in Peasant Economy Class, which can be surprisingly decent.

About ten of those flights, though, have been way up front in the quiet and super-personal First Class cabin. I’d never pay the $8,000+ fare for First Class, of course—I book these flights using miles earned through travel hacking.

Oh, and I also come home with a bunch of extra amenity kits. This one can be yours.

What you need to know:

  • This is the male version of the latest Ermenegildo Zegna kit—but ladies, feel free to enter. Many of the items are unisex, and this makes for a nice small travel bag regardless of gender.
  • This giveaway is available to readers worldwide. We’ll ship anywhere!
  • Our cats and biased judges will pick someone on Sunday night at 6pm PST

Enter this week’s giveaway by posting a comment, then check back on Sunday night. We’ll announce the winner and send them the prize!

Update: Comments are now closed. Congrats to Veronica Perez, selected by cats and a random number generator to win this great bag! Everyone else, thanks for entering. We’ll have another giveaway next week.


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  • Shaozhi says:

    It’s my favourite airline as well! I love The Wing at HKG.

  • Emily says:

    I hope to fly Cathay to Japan next year.

  • carolin says:

    This would be such a nice surprise, I could hold it and dream aboot far away destinations I am not going to visit soon. Especially with a baby, a big dog and a hubs who is not into flying at all in the mix. 🙂

  • Brian says:

    I have never flown Cathaway Pacific. I would love to use this kit when I’m on a long-haul United flight next in a coach seat.

  • Richard says:

    Count me in!

  • Julia says:

    Would love to fly sometime; thanks for the giveaway….

  • Kathleen says:

    Wow! That looks so cool. I hope to fly to Hong Kong sometime next year

  • Vinicius says:

    This kit looks pretty decent. Last week I flew Tam Airlines and their kit really saved my 11-hour long trip from Italy to Brazil.

    I hope I’m lucky this time! 🙂

  • Mike Rudd says:

    Chris and the Cats,
    I’d love to win this and take it on my trip next April to visit my friends in Hong Kong and the Philippines (which I’ll most likely fly Cathay Pacific!)
    I’ll send the cats a bag of the “good nip” if that entices them to sway the vote my way.
    Be well!

  • jr cline says:

    I never knew things like this existed related to airlines.

  • Sarah m says:

    Yay for Friday!
    Sarah M

  • Leonardo says:

    I hope to fly Cathay Pacific First Class soon!

  • Kinsey says:

    What a nice giveaway! I hope to fly them someday.

  • Nico says:

    Trying my luck!

  • Andrea says:

    My husband and I have a long, transatlantic flight in a couple of weeks. This would come in handy! 🙂

  • JENN says:

    Oh this would be so nice! I LOVE flying and the whole atmosphere at airports/in planes, but I have neither the money nor the time at the moment as I am working my butt of getting into freelancing. A little something from one of your flights would help me stay on track until I can travel again 🙂 Love your new website design/concept by the way!

  • Ryan G. says:

    I’ve heard great things about Cathay. I’m sure the first class perks are amazing.

  • Khoa says:

    I flew to the US for the first time with Cathay Pacific, and incidentally left the US to go back my fatherland five years later with Cathay as well. So Cathay always carries some real sentimental value to me 🙂

  • Alya says:

    I’ve hear great things about this airline. I’ll need to try it out soon!

  • Andrés Salazar says:

    I’ll try to book Cathay on my next trip.

  • TR Schwartz says:

    Love the new design and posting schedule Chris!

  • Dennis says:

    I wouldn’t know what the term Travel Hacking meant if it weren’t for you Chris! Thanks for helping me get started. Until I DO fly Cathay Pacific this would be nice to win.

  • Kapitalust says:

    I’ve only flew economy on Cathay but it’s by far the widest and most comfortable seats I’ve ever flown in economy.

    Now I can only imagine what first class would be like…. *drool

  • Jose Luis Soria says:

    1st class On Cathay wooowww!

  • tiffany l says:

    i love cathay’s amenity kits!

  • Brandon Cunningham says:

    I am trying the travel hacking next week for the first time.

  • Alejandro Bendersky says:

    I´m in!

  • Robert K says:

    Great contest! Hope I’m the winner!

  • woolfie says:

    Hope to use it here in Poland. Greetings!

  • Jenna O says:

    This kit would be perfect for me! I travel every week to see my boyfriend (or he comes here), so I would have a lot of use for it 😛

  • Ryan Moore says:

    Cathay is great! I flew them to India in May with a 4 night layover in Hong Kong, all on miles from US Airways—which I acquired from Travel Hacking.

    My favorite airline might be Lufthansa. Their planes seemed newer and the service was spot on.

  • Katrina Martin says:

    I had never heard of this airline before. Sounds pretty cool. 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    I hope the cats pick me!

  • Lindsey says:

    Travel and bath products – my two favorite things!

  • Zain says:

    Never travelled on Cathay! But I once sneaked up to the first class of Emirates on my way to Asia…and boy Emirates has quite the first class set up!

  • Chris Houchens says:

    I need some travel swag.

  • Calder says:

    Sounds great!

  • Cody James says:

    I’ve never been on Cathay. I’ve never been to Cathay, either. I understand that Marco Polo had some nice things to say about his visit there. I wonder what he’d be willing to trade for a working zipper?

    If I win, I’ll just ponder the wonderfulness of zippers, and how we take them for granted.

  • Ada says:

    I love Cathay Pacific as well!

  • Nick says:

    Love Cathay Pacific! Definitely one of my favorite airlines as well.

  • Steve Johnson says:

    I like winning things.

  • Katie says:

    Dear cats and Chris. Please pick this comment.

  • Peter says:

    It’s the weekend, yeah.

  • Elena Muller says:

    Have got a trip booked to Brazil via Singapore and Paris – with mileage. It would be nice to have this kit with me in addition to my husband, toddler and 4 month old 🙂

  • Steve says:

    great contest–thanks

  • Chad Haynes says:

    Everyone who can’t afford business class now feels slightly inadequate – “Peasant Class”.

    An innocent joke, but I’d say a pretty large portion of your audience are people stuck in crappy jobs that just want to travel the world and escape their lives – “peasants”.

    I fly business myself, but I’m grateful every day for the astounding luck I’ve had that’s allowed me that luxury.

    Not hating at all, I promise. Obviously that comment has zero bearing on me personally (and I doubt people are THAT offended), but I wouldn’t be surprised if that subtle aside was a slap in the face or a step back for a lot of minimum wage workers just trying to live the life you’ve been fortunate enough to live.

  • Bryan Schmiedeler says:

    Can’t wait to someday fly on Cathay Pacific. Heard so many good things about them.

  • pat dowling says:

    Here Kitty Kitty

  • Megan says:

    Yay for giveaways! 🙂

  • Sergio says:

    Oh, man. That’s definitely an awesome kit I’d like to have for my next trips!

    Cool stuff, Chris. 🙂

  • Lulu Manasseer says:

    I never heard of Cathay Pacific airlines or about their service, I think it is because that I don’t travel often. However, I wonder why they don’t sponsor big events like Fly Emirates or British Airways. so I can know more about them, but hopefully it will be an amazing experience to try their service and their airlines and their unique way that differentiate them from other competitors.

  • Sharon Howard says:

    I would like to win this for my son he just finished his Masters program in college and I’m sure he will be flying with his new job. Thank You for the chance.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I have only flown with Cathay Pacific once, to Hong Kong. It was many years ago, but I am looking forward to using this airline in the future. Saving up my air miles!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I have only flown with Cathay Pacific once. (to Hong Kong) It was many years ago, but I am looking forward to using this airlines in the future. Saving up my air miles!

  • John Blaze says:

    Would love to use the amenity kit to freshen up with next time I renew my membership in the mile high club

  • Rocky H says:

    I look forward to flying with them soon! Thanks Chris for all you do!

  • Sandra says:

    Hey, I just discovered your site and hope to get some tips on how to get cheap tickets to travel from New Zealand to South America. It looks like demand is so low, tickets are expensive all year round!
    Anyhow, will keep exploring and hope to get that travel kit for my next trip 🙂

  • shaun says:

    Cathay is the only airline I’ve ever gotten a free upgrade on!

  • Kris T says:

    I was going to enter, but there is not much I would use this for. The toothpaste and earplugs would be useful. Everything else I would throw away as I don’t use any products, shoehorn, comb or cheap toothbrushes. And I already travel that much that I have my own DIY self made kit that is much better.

    So I don’t know why anyone would want this.

  • Matt says:

    Looks nice. Hoping to book an award on Cathay later this year!

  • Chris U says:

    looks nice,

  • Michael says:

    Would love to fly on Cathay but I guess the bag is half the way there!

  • Eve says:

    It’s the little things that make all the difference!

  • Lisa says:

    Would love to experience flying on Cathay Pacific, but this would be a very close second. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • Pam says:

    You are awesome!

  • Ada says:

    I leave from Romania to Brazil in two weeks time and, boy, I could use the amenity kit if I win! 🙂

  • Gary Kirk says:

    As a peasant, winning this kit will be as close as I will get to Cathay.

  • Martha K says:

    Chris, your writings inspire me to dream bigger dreams and not to settle for less in my life. Thank you!

  • Steve Roe says:

    It looks like a dream kit for a dream vacation. I love reading about your adventures!

  • Joe 'Tesla Manifestor' Kennedy says:

    Cannot wait to experience Cathay Pacific and use some of your awesome travels hacks. You are up to some super cool stuff. Thanks for sharing your expertise Chris!

  • Marc Bone says:

    I would love this kit, then next time I fly Cathay I could try & sneak from peasant- to First Class & if stopped, flash the bag as my “I’m with the band” pass to inflight luxury…

  • Gustavo Miotti says:

    I would love to fly Cathay again! Please give me first the kit!

  • Gustavo Miotti says:

    I would always be non-conforming. ..

  • D.J. Gelner says:

    I’m surprised more airlines don’t sell these on the side–it’s like being able to sell “luxury” in a little bag. If I win, I can squeeze into my TINY bathroom and pretend I’m on my way to Hong Kong in style!

  • Cherry Duke says:

    This would be a great gift for my traveling man. Thank you for all the great travel tips over the years!

  • Justin says:

    Just took a step in the hopes of one day earning enough miles for a seat/kit like this by taking advice from Cards for Travel and signing up for a Chase Sapphire card. Hoping for a chance to win this kit till then!

  • Bruce says:

    Would I have the chutzpah to use this on amtrak? Beter yet, on Spirit?

  • Erin says:

    Count me in! I’ve never flown them before but I’m open to new ideas.

  • Charles says:

    I’ve only tried the business class, wonder what first is like?

  • Jessica says:

    I would love to fly Cathay Pacific, so an amenity kit would be great for my inspiration area!

  • Nick Macek says:

    A Haiku for this Giveaway:

    Cathay Pacific
    A vacation in the clouds
    Amenity kit


  • Uri says:

    Chances are that this kit will be as close to Cathay first class as I’ll ever get 🙂 Entirely my fault, of course, because even when I have the miles, I would rather take my wife along on coach…

  • Christopher says:

    Very nice!

  • Carol says:

    We obviously travel in different circles. However the cats might want to join me on one of my favorites, the “milk run” out of Alaska!

  • Allan says:

    Have spent lots of time in rockets but I never get to have a groovy little kit and I have no idea why I want one of these but I love the idea of winning something.

  • Toby says:

    I love “ditty” bags and this one looks to be top notch!!!

  • Veronica R. Perez says:

    This amenity kit would be perfect for a person like me who likes to travel prepared! THANK YOU!

  • jenny says:

    your travel hacking advice has been extremely helpful over these past few years! Thanks for keeping us all informed.

  • Hollis Guill Ryan says:

    My cat Chloe advises me to fling some catnip your way, hoping to influence the feline judges. Speaking cat to cat, she says, she recommends choosing us. I concur: I would love to win, especially since I lost my little bag at the Y!

  • Debra Southworth says:

    Your seat in Peasant Class will certainly feel like Business Class if you have this dandy amenity kit to bring aboard with you.

  • Fanny says:

    In the past 4 months, I turned 60, retired, and got married for the first time. We are planning our travels and Asia and Pacific Cathay’s a must.

  • Taleen says:

    I’ve never flown with Cathay but I’d love to someday! Maybe for my next adventure.

  • Heather says:

    Sexy earplugs!

  • Nha says:

    Heya, your blog posts are a nice constant reminder that I should get off my procrastinating arse and START my blog! Thanks dude 🙂

  • Jefre says:

    At 107 countries and counting. Can always use perks like these as I continue my journey. Thanks for sharing. Count me in!

  • Susan Kap says:

    Just in under the wire! I need to give travel hacking a try…

  • Vincent Imbat says:

    I love you AONC team! Muwah :-*

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