A Business/Charity Experiment from Anchorage


Greetings, friends and readers. Today I’m in Anchorage, Alaska for the 43rd stop of the Unconventional Book Tour.

I’ll be at the University of Alaska at noon, and Metro Music and Books at 7pm tonight. (We’ll be moving to a beer-and-pizza place afterwards, which I’m told is mandatory when in Alaska.)

Today I have a couple of notes on commercial projects. First, it’s the last day of the only-once-a-year sale at Until midnight tonight, you can use the discount code “PUMPKIN” to save 15% on any purchase, and an additional 15% will go to our Ethiopia water project. More details are over here.

The Win-Win, “Ultimate Cyber Monday” Project (Spend $97, Get $1,000, $80+ goes to Ethiopia)

Second, a couple of friends are launching something this week that I think is very interesting. I’ll tell you about it below and include an affiliate link if you’re interested too—but pay close attention to the details.

Here’s the link:

?Big project, super affiliate link, click here

Karol Gadja and Adam Baker (both of them have joined me for various tour stops this fall) have been putting together a monster sale of 23 different business resources. All together, the resources cost $1,000 on their own, but for 72-hours only, they are sold together for just $97.

If you’re an entrepreneur, the very-important-lessons here are a) create a compelling offer, and b) leverage influence from a broad range of people. Karol and Adam did an excellent job with both of these strategies.

Next, Karol and Adam worked with a number of people to promote the project, in most cases giving them 80% affiliate commission. I don’t usually promote affiliate products because I have friends who are launching things every week, and the purpose of AONC isn’t to sell things all the time. Instead, I try to help people out wherever I can with Twitter, behind-the-scenes advice, or whatever. In this case, I decided to join their affiliate program… but if you purchase through my “big project, super affiliate” link, the money won’t go to me.

I’ve had a good year and don’t need any more money. I’m extremely fortunate, grateful, and even blessed to be able to write for a living and tour the world meeting fun people. Even though I’m an entrepreneur myself and don’t think there’s anything wrong with making money, I always try to be conscious of how much money I need and how much is just extra.

So in this case, the overall project already includes a donation on every sale to our Water for Ethiopia project, and I’ll go further to donate my 80% commission as well. In short: if you pick this up, I don’t get paid a single dollar, and each $97 sale will result in an $80+ donation to the project.

I’d like us to raise at least $15,000 with this campaign, and if we do more than that, so much the better. It’s a win-win, because I’m the one making the donation—you invest $97 to receive resources worth more than $1,000, Adam and Karol get paid a small amount, and we donate the bulk of the funds to our important project.

Fun and valuable? I think so—but check it out at the link below and decide for yourself. You have until midnight on Wednesday to jump on the train.

?Big project, super affiliate link, click here

Of course, if you aren’t interested, no problem at all. I don’t have any other business projects planned until January, and I’ll be focused on finishing the U.S. part of my book tour and going on a much-needed vacation.

Also, a number of other people are promoting this project around the interwebs this week. Just to be clear, I don’t think it’s bad that they are keeping their share of the money—I just don’t feel like I need to do that myself this time.

And now, off to the University of Alaska. Wednesday night I’ll be in Honolulu, Hawaii (big change of scenery there), and then I’ll be getting ready for the big West Coast finale over the next two weeks.

Thanks so much for reading AONC. Have an amazing week, wherever you are!


Image: Wonderlane

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