Born For This: Join Me on the Spring 2016 Tour!


Link: Register for the “Born for This” Spring Tour

One of the things I love about writing books is the chance to connect directly with readers. I always include my email address in each manuscript, and every day I hear from readers all over the world.

I also love going on tour. Ever since I published my first book, where I went to every U.S. state and every Canadian province, I’ve headed out on the road every year for a series of conversations in bookstores, co-working spaces, and many other locations.

My new book, Born for This, comes out in April… and of course I’ll be going to as many places as possible!


If you’ve never been to one of the stops before, you should know that they’re FUN. I give a short talk. There are special guests at most events, often other authors but sometimes local celebrities or just awesome people of all kinds. Some people bring cupcakes or other goodies to share. Chances are, you’ll go away with new friends and connections, many of them long-lasting.

Most important of all: I’d love for you to come out to say hi.

We’ve recently added the first 20 30 dates of the tour, and you can sign up for FREE tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. If you can help out by taking photos or bringing cupcakes or something else, that’s great too, but nothing’s required other than “show up and have fun.”


Oh, and if your city isn’t on the calendar yet, keep checking back, since we do have a few more stops to add. And if you have access to a venue and a community of your own and want to be one of those additional stops, there’s a form for that.

This is going to be so fun! See you soon…

Link: Join Me on “Born for This” Spring Tour


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