A Reader’s Suggestions for Adderall Alternatives: CILTEP & Bromantane


I’m still getting a ton of emails about my decision to try the prescription drug Adderall to help with focus. I’m currently more than a month into the experiment, and so far I’m still pretty happy with it.

After I posted some comments from a reader’s long-term experience with it, I heard of a couple alternatives that I thought I’d pass along for those who are interested.

Here are some more anonymous comments from a different reader:

Recommendations for Non-Prescription Substances

I especially noticed your recent Adderall case study posts in my Feedly app since they’re a bit of new subject matter for your blog.

Your concerns about dependency potential and insomnia made me think you might be interested in two other substances in case you decide to discontinue the amphetamine experiment or want something to use for focus on a Adderall-free day.

I don’t think anyone has brought these up in the comments on your posts but perhaps you know of them. If not:

1) CILTEP – This is appealing because it’s “natural.” I first heard of it on the Smart Drug Smarts podcast and have used it myself. I find it very effective for focus and concentration when writing and motivation to complete bothersome tasks (i.e. taxes).

For me it only works when taken WITH COFFEE (I think the caffeine is synergistic). It may actually aid sleep at night as opposed to inducing insomnia.

2) Bromantane (Ladesten) – No personal experience. However bromentane is said to enhance focus while also preventing anxiety with no negative sleep impact.

It’s available at and (both sites I’ve purchased other products from).


Note: there are no affiliate links in this post. I’m just sharing my own experience, as well as the reports of readers who offer to share.


Image: Marco

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