It’s Not the Process, It’s Not the End Result, It’s the Act of Making Things


We all know there is a problem in focusing entirely on the end result.

When you reach the end, what comes next? What if the end wasn’t what you really wanted?

That’s why you have to love the milestones along the way, reminders that you appreciate what you’re doing and that it’s all for a good cause.

But there’s also a problem in focusing entirely on process. Working strictly on process takes you away from the big picture can lead you astray. Besides, it’s OK to have goals, right?

The third way is to love the act of creation itself.

When you love the act of making things, of bringing something to life, you’ll find that it loves you back.

No matter what, you’ll encounter setbacks and experience disappointments. But when you encounter them, your response is to keep creating. Use the setbacks for greater good.

Write your 1,000 words, paint your painting, build your business, lead your team—whatever you do. Focus on the act of making things.

The act of creation is where joy and effort intersect.

See you all next week for the debut of The $100 Startup book trailer, the road to NYC, and more.

– Chris


Image: Amie

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